Three years full time (+ 3 Months) residential training Programme for G.C.E. advance level qualified youth under mathematics stream leading to Diploma in Irrigation Technology ( NVQ 6) to qualify as Engineering Assistants in irrigated agriculture sector.

Target Group

Advanced Level Qualified (Maths Stream) school leavers


An excellent opportunity for youngsters to become Engineering Assistants in the Irrigated Agriculture Sector.


Competency to investigate, plan and develop Projects. Maintain and manage irrigation facilities for agriculture. Capacity for handling Civil Engineering Projects related to irrigation sector.Create confidence on project management in irrigation sector.Leadership for managing the resources in water sector.Flexible and Junior level manager for Irrigated Agricultural Sector.

Course Outline

Introduction to Irrigation

Engineering Hydraulics and Hydrology

Surveying and Leveling

Basic Structural Analysis and Designs

Engineering Drawing / Computer Aid Design

Irrigation Law and Contract Law

Quantity Surveying

Environmental Studies

Irrigation Water Management

Participatory Irrigation Management

Community Driven Development

1st Year – Semester 01 & 02
2nd Year – On the Job Training
3rd Year – Semester 03 & 04


Resource persons

KITI Lecturers & Visiting Lecturers


Course Co-ordinator


Training Coordinator-KITI-IWM

Semester 01

English for Technology
Engineering Drawing I
Surveying and Leveling-I
Engineering Mathematics
Quantity Surveying
Irrigation Technology I
Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics
Workplace Information Management

Semester 02

Engineering Geology and Soil Mechanics I
Water Management I
Surveying and Leveling II
Theory and Design of Structures I
Construction Project Management I
Construction Materials and Quality Control
Workplace Communication Management
Planning and Scheduling Work at Workplace

Semester 03

Surveying and Leveling-III
Irrigation Technology II
Engineering Geology and Soil Mechanics II
Participatory Irrigation Management
Legal Aspects in Irrigation Management
Environmental Studies and Water Quality
Accounting, Stores Management and Departmental Procedures
Organizational Behavior and Culture
Decision making & Problem Solving Techniques

Semester 04

Surveying and Leveling-IV
Engineering Drawing II
Water Management II
Theory and Design of Structures II
Construction Project Management II
Provide Leadership and Facilitate Work Teams
Provide Leadership Training and Facilitate Work Team Organizations