Eng. G.D.F.U.Perera



I take this opportunity with great exhilaration to scribble a note to this broacher. KITI-IWM has been established to produce middle level technologists required to man the ongoing construction and handle the management of existing projects pertaining to water sector developments viz Irrigation, domestic water supply and drainage, sanitary and hydropower. There is a huge dearth of middle level technologist in Sri Lanka as well as in other developing countries, especially South Asian Countries.


 Annually about 100000 students obtain the minimum qualification in mathematic stream required to enter into a university in Sri Lanka. But only about 4000 get an opportunity to enter into a university or a technical college due to the meager available facilities. The main objective of KITI-IWM is to harness the potentials of these unfortunate talented young students for the benefit of the country by training them as competent technologists. The successful trainees of KITI-IWM are offered diploma in Irrigation Technology N.V.Q.level 6.


In the meantime the institute conducts many in-house training programs to update and enhance the knowledge of personal working at various departments and institutions in par with the modern innovations and findings. 


Providing training facilities to foreign trainees, especially for the trainees of SARC countries too is a venture embarked by the institution.


Developing a modern research center with state of the art facilities to do research on water and water sector developments is in the pipe line of the development programme of KITI-IWM. 


KITI-IWM is nestled at Mawathura ,Kothmale in the cool climes, amid the hills of central hills of Sri Lanka. This institute could be reached at via Gampola or Ginigathhena towns. A person using public mode of transport has the facility to use train or bus to come to the institute. Ulapane railway station is about 8 Km from the Institute.


KITI-IWM is situated at River Side, Mawatura , Kothmale,a highly congenial and scantily populated hamlet. The average temperature of the location is around 18 to25 degrees Celsius and ideal environment to concentrate on studies. The altitude of the area is 3300 Ft above M.S.L. It is surrounded by a range of mountains festooned with lush green virgin forest cover giving an eye soothing panoramic view .The foreign delegates visited Kothmale compared this to Brisbane and Bangalore.


The Kothmale Oya across which the world renowned Kothmale reservoir has been constructed winds by the side of the institute with a rhythmic note soothing and healing the soles of the Inhabitants of the institute.


This institute is in a position to provide accommodation and high standard training facilities for government and private sector to conduct in-service training programs and short term courses in view of updating and enhancing knowledge of their officers. The institution has two luxury bungalows with 20 rooms capable of accommodating 40 heads and an air conditioned auditoriums with the state of the art equipment to suite the prevailing trend. Also it is equipped with an air conditioned computer laboratory with 52 computers, civil engineering material lab, gymnasium, library swelled with books, drawing hall and two dining halls capable of catering 120 heads at a time.


The institute is certified by TVEC(Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission) to provide the courses on Construction Technology (NVQ Level 5), Construction Technology (NVQ Level 6) and Irrigation Technology (NVQ Level 6)

Our Vision

To be in the fore front amongst the institutions providing education, training and skill developments to national and International standards. 

Our Mission

To support and facilitate knowledge enhancement and skill development of; youth to become competent technical professionals in irrigation and construction sectors, individuals and groups perform in operational, management and strategic levels of public and private sector organizations to become impactful professionals.s

Quality Policy

KITI - IWM will actively pursue quality improvements through programs that enable each customer to do their job right the first time and every time


Our Values


We act with integrity in accordance with the highest academic, professional and ethical standards.


We respect and honor the dignity of both


We believe the discipline matters for every person and training sharpen the discipline.


We strive for excellence in all of our endeavors as individuals, as an institution and leader in water resources development, irrigation and engineering and management sectors.

Our Themes


Irrigation Technology NVQ Level 6 Certificate


Construction Technology NVQ Level 5 Certificate


Construction Technology NVQ Level 6 Certificate


Signing Institutional Affiliation and Collaboration Agreement with SLITAD

After exploring mutually beneficial collaboration opportunities through successful discussions, SLITAD and KITI-IWM signed an institutional Affiliation Agreement and became an Institutional Member of SLITAD. The signing event was held at SLITAD Secretariat on the 27th January 2022.

KITI-IWM is an approved institute of Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) Sri Lanka to offer up to NVQ Level 6 qualifications including a Training of the Trainers Programme which is also accredited by SLITAD



IIESL decided to accept the National Diploma in Irrigation Technology as an education qualification thjat is eligible for candidature of the class of "Associate Member" of IIESL.