Workshop on Quality Assurance & Quality Control – Irrigation Department

Workshop on Quality Assurance & Quality Control – Irrigation Department

Workshop on Quality Assurance & Quality Control for officers of Irrigation Department (Kandy Range) was held on 18th to 19th May 2018.

Resource Persons

  • Dr.(Mrs.)M.A.Pallawatte
  • Eng.(Mrs.).I.D.S.S.Samarasuriya
  • Eng.S.Kokularamanan
  • Eng.N.W.P.W.Nanayakkara
  • Eng.(Mrs.) H.M.K.L.K.Somarathne


No Name  Designation Office
01 Eng.  (Ms.) K.A.D. Kumudini Dheera Chief Engineer DI’ Office , Kandy
02 Eng. V.L.E. Chandana Irrigation Engineer
03 Mr. K.G.N.K. Jayathilaka Divisional Assistant DIE’s Office, Kandy
04 Mr. B.P.D.N. Semaweera Engineering Assistant
05 Ms. H.M.A.M. Herath Engineering Assistant
06 Mr. M.G.R.C.K.K. Gamlath Engineering Assistant
07 Mr. R.D.P. Kumara Engineering Assistant
08 Mr. K.M.N.B. Karunarathna Engineering Assistant
09 Mr. L.W.D.H.K. Labuthale Engineering Assistant (Trainee)
10 Mr. R.M. Jeewantha Madushanka Technical Assistant
11 Mr. H.M.B.B, Ranasingha Technical Assistant
12 Mr. M.G.R.M.P. Madushanka Technical Assistant
13 Mr. P.K.S. Bandara Technical Assistant
14 j.r.s.k.vanderwal Technical Assistant
15 Mr. V.A.S.R. Samarasingha Technical Assistant
16 Mr. H.S. Jayasingha Divisional Assistant DIE’s Office , Matale
17 Mr. R.C.K. Amarajiwa Engineering Assistant
18 Mr. D.M.A.C.L. Munasingha Engineering Assistant
19 Ms. W.M.D.S. Wijayasundara Engineering Assistant
20 Ms. Dewmini Engineering Assistant
21 Mr. S.M. S. Samasundara Technical Assistant
22 Mr. K.A.D. Ruwan Buddika Technical Assistant
23 Eng. L.S.W.B. Wijekoon Divisional Irrigation Engineer DIE’s Office, Nuwaraeliya
24 Mr. T.M.R.S. Tennakoon Engineering Assistant
25 Mr. P.D.A. Weerasingha Engineering Assistant
26 Mr. H.M.I.A.B. Heenkenda Engineering Assistant
27 Mr. R.M. Sameera Technical Assistant
28 Mr. H.M.A.D.T. Herath Technical Assistant
29 Mr. R.W.Saman Thusara Technical Assistant
30 Mr. A.M.D.S. Aththanayake Engineering Assistant DIE’s Office, Minipe
31 Ms. E.A.N.D. Edirisinghe Engineering Assistant
32 Mr. V.R.S.B.I. Ilangathilaka Engineering Assistant
33 Ms. M.J. Rupasinghae Engineering Assistant
34 Ms. L.G.B.G.N. Bandara Engineering Assistant
35 Mr. Mr. K.M.S.B. Kulathunga Engineering Assistant
36 Mr. G.G.S. Kanushka Engineering Assistant
37 Mr. R.P.M.D.B. Rathnayake Engineering Assistant
38 Mr. D.R.D. Hemakumara Work Supervisor
39 Mr. D.M.N.S. Sanjeewa Technical Assistant
40 Mr.R.M.A.P. Rathnayake Technical Assistant
41 Mr. M.P.S.N. Rohana Technical Assistant
42 Mr. A.M. R.D. Athapaththu Technical Assistant
43 Mr. R.M.J.B. Rathnayake Technical Assistant
44 Mr. P.K.A.K.Bandara Filed Assistant
45 Mr. A.M.T.L. Gunarathne Filed Assistant
46 Mr. S.M.H.M. Sitisekara Filed Assistant
47 Ms. B.N.P. Wijewardhana Filed Assistant
48 Mr. J.A.D.S. Lakruwan Filed Assistant
49 Ms. Dharmapali Engineering Assistant DIE’s Office, Dambulla
50 Ms. K.M.T.S. Wijerathne Engineering Assistant
51 Mr. M.A. Rangalal Engineering Assistant
52 Mr. P. Dushyanthan Engineering Assistant
53 Mr. H.M.M.S. Hennayayaka Technical Assistant
54 Mr. N.T.S. Madushanka Filed Assistant
55 Mr. R.A.T. Madushanka Technical Assistant

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