Workshop on AutoCAD 2D & 3D – II


Five day Training Programme on AutoCAD 2D and 3D for the Engineering Assistants and Draughtmen of the Irrigation Department  from 12th March to 16th  March 2018.

Resource Persons

  1. Mr.C.P.De Silva
  2. Mr. Rohan


No Name Designation Office
1 Ms. R.M.D.N. Rathnayaka Engineering Assistant Kandaketiya
2 Mr. A.L.D.S. Sampath Engineering Assistant Huruluwawa
3 Ms. H.W.R.H. Kumarihami Engineering Assistant
4 Ms. D.S.P.N.N. Karunasekara Engineering Assistant Gampaha
5 Mr. Y.H.R.B. Chandrarathna Engineering Assistant
6 Ms. D.P.U.C. Kumari Engineering Assistant Polonnaruwa
7 Mr. D.M.T.l. Dasanayaka Engineering Assistant
8 Mr. K.P.N.S. Nimalasena Engineering Assistant Badulla
9 Ms. M.M.C.K. Wijekoon Engineering Assistant Wallawaya
10 Mr. S.T.K.R. Premarathne Engineering Assistant
11 Mr. B.C.D. Karunarathna Draughtsman Kandy (Zonal)
12 Ms. I.M. Jayalath Draughtsman
13 Ms. S.P. Ovitigala Draughtsman Gampaha
14 Ms. K. Shivalakshmi Konalingam Draughtsman Colombo
15 Mr. G.M. Wasantha Kumara Draughtsman Huruluwawa
16 Mr. R.G.P.K. Abeyrathna Draughtsman Kandy (DI)
17 Ms. W.M.W.G.M.D. Wijerathna Draughtsman

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