Training Programme for Mahaweli Security Organization Officials-I

Training Programme for Mahaweli Security Organization Officials-I

Five Day Training Programme for Mahaweli Security Organization Officials on 21th to 25th June 2016, for non-commissioned officers (M.S.O) of Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka.



Name Designation
Mr. Upali Swarnapala M.S.C
Mr. A.N.D.Ranaweera M.S.C
Mr. M.R.Pushpa Kumara M.S.C
Mr. H.P.G.Wijesekara M.S.C
Mr. P.G.Jayasiri M.S.C
Mr. W.M.K.G.Ariyawansa M.S.C
Mr. J.M.N.P.Bandara M.S.C
Mr. N.M.Wijesiri Bandara M.S.C
Mr. R.W.G.N.Wickramarathna M.S.C
Mr. A.C.Bandara M.S.C
Mr. P.G.Thilakarathne M.S.C
Mr. B.R.N.Balasooriya M.S.C
Mr. I.P.Nihal M.S.C
Mr. A.A.Alahakoon Bandara M.S.C
Mr. W.L.P.De Silva M.S.C
Mr. R.M.U.Samantha M.S.C
Mr. A.H.D.Kumara M.S.C
Mr. M.A.M.Sanjeewa M.S.C
Mr. D.M.N.Anurudda M.S.C
Mr. M.G.S.Rathnayake M.S.C
Mr. W.A.Dissanayake M.S.C
Mr. R.A.J.Ranasinghe M.S.C
Mr. S.W.M.S.Saman Kumara M.S.C
Mr. K.H.B.Kiribanda M.S.C
Mr. S.O.M.Thilakarathne M.S.C
Mr.K.R.Sugathapala M.S.C
Mr. T.C.K.Weerakoon M.S.C
Mr. K.G.S.K.Gunarathne M.S.C
Mr. W.M.Gunadasa M.S.C
Mr. N.L.H.Sumathipala M.S.C
Mr. V.P.L.M.Vithanage M.S.C
Mr. B.M.A.S.Wijerathne M.S.C
Mr. D.M.Vajira M.S.C
Mr. P.G.P.A.Bandara M.S.C
Mr. D.P.Chandrasena M.S.C
Mr. W.K.R.Samarajeewa M.S.C
Mr. K.S.C.Pushpakumara M.S.C
Mr. K.G.Dayananda M.S.C
Mr. W.M.P.Eranda M.S.C
Mr. L.A.M.Saman Kumara M.S.C
Mr. A.D.I.Sampath M.S.C
Mr. K.S.H.S.Singhatilaka M.S.C
Mr. D.S.Jayarathna M.S.C
Mr. B.V.P.Gunathilake M.S.C
Mr.H.B.D.G.C.Kularathna M.S.C
Mr.S.M.L.Samaradivakara M.S.C
Resource Persons
Name Designation
Mr. P.N.Warnathunga R/M (M.S.C)
Mr. W.G.I.S. Bandara Instructor (M.S.C)
Mr. A.M.S.Nishantha Instructor (M.S.C)
Mr. A.S.S.Kalupahana Instructor (M.S.C)
Mr. K.A.B.Kumarasinghe Instructor (M.S.C)
Mr. A.G.G.Thilakarathne M.S.C
Mr. G.S.K.Janaka Nishantha M.S.C
 Name  Designation
Mr. W.R.M.Fernando D.A.
Mr. Tharindu Eranga D.A.







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